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Silk Road Republic | About Our Company
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About Our Company


We are essentially the bridge where east meets west. The world will finally realize how similar we are, through fashion.

Once the center of the Silk Road, Afghanistan and its people have held onto many treasures.


After decades of invasions and civil war, Afghanistan lost many of its beauties, including its posh sense of style. The traditional dresses so many of us are obsessed with now-a-days, were being sold and made by middle aged men, because women in Afghanistan were not allowed to take part in any business outside their home.

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We strive to give women an equal opportunity; to empower and support one another. The embroidery from most of our dresses as well as many pieces from our newest jewelry collection, were made by women throughout rural Afghanistan from the comfort of their homes and we plan on encouraging and growing our work force by creating more opportunities to them.  It is time we finally bring a peaceful and artistic approach that will mend and create bridges in connecting both eastern and western cultures through fashion.


Silk Road Republic is essentially a guide towards the bridge that will connect both worlds in sharing our similarities rather than differences. We are the cyber nation that believes fashion will allow the east to meet the west, in a much peaceful manner. Become a part of our tribe at the Silk Road Republic, for we will be traveling through vast lands and times to accomplish a mission of empowerment amongst women and realization of similarities between both worlds.